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GIGANTEX and its factories 

GIGANTEX started its operation with 18 employees on May 1st, 1998 from a rented 2nd floor (330 square meters) in Nytex Corp. And through a year and half of business expansion, on November 1st, 1999, it rented and moved into a 1,800-sqm factory in Beidou Industry Park.  And later on, on 2006 it finally started its own factory design and construction and has been relocated into this beautiful facility since October, 2008. 

Throughout this gradual growth and expansion process over the past 16 years, the team members have always been like families, sharing tears and joys, experiencing setbacks and achievements, and, most importantly, a belief of a bright future and a better life.

October, 2011, with the ground opening of our second factory “Greek”, was another milestone of Gigantex and more importantly, our continuous commitment to our employees, customers and this industry. This new factory does not only more than doubles our capacity which enable us to provide more efficiency in generate more outputs but does also extend our capability to raw material processing field, which is vital to enhance our leadership in this industry.

Gigantex First Factory ( 3,600 square meters floor space )

This factory is perhaps the most beautiful factory around its vicinity. It resembles a grand Spanish villa for employees to work here as lifetime careers and to feel proud of being part of this team.

As nice as it looks, the well-planned production lay-outs and offices are the core to generate more quality outputs at the most reasonable cost.

It represents our utmost commitment to convince the employees, customers, subcontractors, friends, and families that we do our business prominently and we will keep our leading position in the industry permanently…


The Second Factory ( 5,000 square meters floor space )

This “Greek” factory is not only made from the improvement of the “Spanish” lay-out but also for enhancing Gigantex’s overall competitive advantage.  Because it is:

    1. Improvement:More spacious lay-outs for better production flow and transparent management…
    2. Specialization:Sole function as a production facility which makes management easy.
    3. Competition edge:A prepreg process line - A strong support to both production sites.

Hence, we hope this new factory provides more than just double the capacity and more importantly, with the prepreg production, offers competitive costs to our customers.