• Production Technology and Competence
  • Production Technology and Competence

Brilliant Patented Process Outperforms the Competitions
Exquisite key production equipments result in quality and efficiency and sophisticated testing apparatus verify the results. This is how this mechanism works. Moreover, with patented process designs or improvements, production flows have mostly been simplified to avoid unexpected errors.

The traceability system for, raw material batch, production date, operators, process equipment and process condition provides the final safeguard. An individual ID number on each product is performed as the birth certificate and as well as the trace code when it is needed.

Versatility and Resourceful that Outperforms Competitors
Brand new hot press system ranging from the platen sizes 0.95 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 2 m and to 2.5 m ensures the most cost-effective production method and therefore renders suitable services to meet the budget requirements of our customers. Besides, other composite forming process such as compression molding, vacuum forming, SMC, table-rolling and so forth enables the process effectiveness for various of products.

We dont allow garbage material in and certainly only the best through-put is created. This is the main reason how we are a cost-effective team.

Current Productions

    1. Composite bicycle components.
    2. Medical equipments
    3. Optical parts.
    4. Automobile accessories
    5. Others such as gardening tools, hand tools, etc.

Production Management System
This system does not only “manage” the production schedules but also constantly provides inputs for process improvements, R & D refinements and total the quality assurance. Hence, it is an active organism that gives only the optimum results.

Raw Material Incoming Quality Assurance
The incoming quality assurance procedure is not only applied to our own procured materials but also to customer furnished components because we believe we are obliged to feed back the quality issue, if there is any, to our customers and therefore creating a win-win solution for both.

The Control of Initial Flow
To achieve the efficiency and productivity, we generally divide the process steps in details and establish a SOP for each segment. Statistic process control tools such as CPK data and others are in place to monitor the stability of process control. The raw material input plan is strictly follows the BOM scheme to assure the most cost-efficient production plan.

The Lamination and Molding Processes.
All the production processes including this one are being executed under the guidance of our SOP system. Furthermore, this SOP also stipulates the work-in-process and raw materials storage method and pattern.
Since this process is the most critical one, frequent monitoring by designated in-line supervisors is required.
Also, clandestine environment control, humidity, air particle content and temperature, is in effect to eliminate the unwanted contaminations.
Sophisticated hot press system plays a vital role for a good molding part. The variance of platen temperature has to be within 3 Celsius degree within and the pressure needs to be stably supplied. The outcome is pretty simple; only the best raw moldings are made.
Production Management

Efforts for OEM, ODM, OBM and Subcontractor
Currently, there are 200 employees working in this company. Other than the main emphasis production management, the other essential task is the supplier management. From our experiences, managing production in house is always a smoother task and this may not be applicable to the suppliers. Hence, to control the uniformity of our quality system, Gigantex has spent a substantial of manpower and resource to guide the suppliers to the right track and to treat suppliers as the production extensions and families. After all, a significant part of success and growth vest in their efforts.