• Quality Development
  • Quality Development

By nature, the composite industry is technology-dominated, management-oriented and yet labor-intensive. State-of-art process equipments and lay-outs only contribute 1/3 of the success of a good product. Therefore, keeping a highly motivated and skillful labor force to manage, control and execute the entire production is as essential as investing in sophisticated production and R&D equipments.

To enhance our management philosophy, we take "Conformity" as the keyword of our ISO quality assurance system. We believe there is always a better product yet never the best one. Our quality system is an ever-improving and persistent organism. We are always ready and open our mind to accept new challenges to nourish our system and to grow with the new inputs. We are proud and confident with our current product qualities. We believe they are better than what they were before and yet we know they will be even better tomorrow. Yet, the search of the best is a never-ending task for all of us. And, overall speaking, it heavily relies on our experienced QA personnel to move the system under the ISO QA system.
Because of this philosophy to make unrelenting refinements, In 2009 we were accredited by ISO 13485: 2003, and since then we have conducted
production management, quality assurance system using this standard as well as a FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis) procedure.

To ensure this, each work-in-progress is imprinted or labeled an ID number which allow us monitor and later trace this product's journey since the very beginning. From the ID number, we can realize what batch of materials is used, when it is being made, who the operator is to give birth to it, how it is made( through what pressure, temperature, and press system), where it is shipped and ,normally it won't happen, to learn why it can not conform with the quality requirement and how many of the others shall be localized. It is truly an aerospace class quality control system which we have applied to our exquisite bike production facility and system traceable and responsive QA system.